In an ever-growing digital world, Extron provides solutions and allows all your AV control systems to work together in a single-user interface. Engaging and user-friendly communication are important to create efficient technology integration and effective presentations in a variety of environments from classrooms to lecture halls to even houses of worship.

Extron products enable digital and non-digital signals from any source to travel to any destination while ensuring a consistent and high-quality output for presenters. Products include AV control systems, including processing equipment along with signal amplifiers and processors to ensure crystal clear sound and video presentations.


Crestron products create unparalleled audio-visual systems by building the technology that promotes proper audio-visual system integration. Combining Crestron technology with our expertise, we can turn your current meeting spaces into a user-friendly environment.

All Crestron products are created to work together as a complete AV control system, enabling the consumer to control and manage their entire experience from a single platform. This ease of use means consumers can focus on providing their audience with dynamic audio and video presentations.


Sharp, high-quality videos, digital displays and digital signage can be quite compelling, and Christie projectors provide that key element to transform your classroom or meeting space. Christie’s dynamic display allow presenters to provide important data to create more impactful meetings and discussions.

Thanks to Interstate Electronic Systems’ expertise in making technology integration seamless, a quality product such as Christie in your space ensures a simple, user-friendly operation. At the push of a button, IES ensures that your meeting will have a dynamic visual element every time.


For more than 60 years, Harman has designed and engineered audio products for consumers, automakers and companies. With sound solutions to meet any need, Harman products are in more than 50 million vehicles, extending to meeting spaces and sports venues and ensuring that everyone has the best seat in the house.


Best known for its wireless speakers and headphones, JBL – a Harman product – provides audio solutions to turn your presentations into a unique, multi-dimensional experience. Thanks to proper audio-visual integration, as video continues to improve JBL ensures that the audio output will match any HD visual experience.


Embracing its spirit of innovation, Crown features analog and network amplifiers that consistently surpass expectations delivers audio solutions. Crown’s commitment to innovation is embodied in its DriveCore™ Install series, which uses a small chip to replace more than 500 parts, making its amplifiers the most reliable on the market.


AMX by Harman delivers solutions with audio visual integration, creating reliable and consistent user-interfaces. AMX systems have been used worldwide in boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms and even homes to ensure quality sound to take presentations to the next level.


BSS’ aim is simple – produce outstanding audio technology and offer quality solutions for any scale. The company has an international reputation that exceeds the needs of professional musicians. With powerful, ergonomic products, BSS can meet and exceed your live sound and studio audio needs.