Audio Visual (AVaaS)

What if you could integrate the latest technologies every 3-5 years and have it maintained without the upfront financial burden of purchasing brand new equipment? With our AVaaS program, you have one fixed investment and a total Low Voltage Solution that is fully supported. Here’s why customers like our program:


We’ll bring your audio and visual environment up-to-date, and keep it top-notch with regular audits. When your technology needs updating, usually around the third year, we’ll do a refresh without a major impact to your monthly spend.

Predictable Budget

Every month, you can expect a fixed monthly spend for your technology and support. No hidden extras. No nickel-and-dime invoices.

Invest in Your Business

Many customers prefer to use the large cash sum to invest in other areas of their business such as marketing or an additional headcount now that they can afford audio visual services on a budgeted monthly payment.